Super Saya Bumper Lottery Results

The Super Saya Bumper Lottery takes place in Bhutan every december, and the results will be announced live here. All the Super Saya Bumper lottery prizes and winning raffle codes will be down in the table along with the prize amounts.

The draw date for 2022 is 24-12-2022 and you will be able to find all the details here. Tickets are being sold in three series of A, B and C and cost Nu. 300 per ticket.

Remember, winners have only 30 days in which to claim their prize and to provide proof of ownership of the ticket and proof of identity, so check your results as soon as possible.

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Full Super Saya Bumper Result 2021

This is the full prize breakdown for all prize tiers in the 2021 drawing.

Bhutan Super Saya Bumper Results December 2021
Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st PrizeA 20825₹30 Lakh
2nd PrizeB 11110₹15 Lakh
3rd PrizeB 20173₹7 Lakh
4th PrizeEnding With: 21838₹1 Lakh
5th PrizeEnding With: 1006₹30,000/-
6th PrizeEnding With: 017, 046, 067, 069, 167, 185, 256, 264, 282, 418, 469, 485, 489, 544, 633, 659, 687, 717, 821, 847, 869, 929, 974, 979, 986₹2,000/-

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